9ff GTurbo 1200 in detail : 1200 HP and 1100 Nm

27 Nov 2010 17:1500

The Performance
HP/KW 1200/881
Torque 1100 Nm
0-100 in 2,8 sec.
0-200 in 7,1 sec.
0-300 in 14,1 sec.
V-Max 414 Km/h

9ff TR-1200 engine consists of
• 9ff doweled engine block
• 9ff extra strong engine bolts
• 9ff turbochargers F1200
• 9ff pistons
• 9ff cylinders
• 9ff cubic capacity increase to 9ff´s 4 Liter
• 9ff titanium connecting rods
• 9ff fine balanced crankshaft
• 9ff cylinder heads including bigger valves and ports
• 9ff camshaft cases
• 9ff valve springs
• 9ff camshafts
• 9ff intake manifold
• 9ff throttle
• 9ff fuel system
• 9ff exhaust manifolds
• 9ff Titanium sport exhaust system (Switchable - for quiet and sport sound management)
• 9ff 100 cell sport metal catalytic converter
• 9ff sport clutch (comfort like original clutch)
• 9ff boost cooling system
• 9ff high pressure water injection system
• 9ff air intake system
• 9ff ECU
• 9ff intercoolers 130 mm

9ff GTurbo Gearbox
• Gearbox reinforcement
• Stronger gear wheels
• Transmission setup of 5th gear to 300 km/h for best acceleration to 300
• Transmission setup of 6th gear 400 km/h
• gearbox oil cooling system
• 9ff gearbox oil
Price 5th / 6th gear 5.980,- Euro
Price Oil cooling System 2.980,- Euro
Shifter "Race"
• 9ff gear shifting gate
9ff Suspension
• 9ff Full adjustable suspension
• Uniball bearings
• 9ff Lifter at the front axle
• Adjustable stabilizing bars at front and rear axle
9ff Driveshafts
• 9ff drive shafts for high performance cars
• Special manufactured steel
• best durability under full load
9ff light weight windows
• light weight rear window
• light weight rear side windows

9ff Front Fernder Carbon Air Outtake
• light weight carbon
• reduces the Air pressure inside the fender
• usefull for high speed rides
9ff Carbon doors
• light weight carbon fiber doors
• makrolon windows
• saves up to 80% weight in relation to original doors
9ff Carbon front bonnet
• light weight carbon bonnet
• matches to original fixing points
9ff Carbon rear wing
• light weight carbon fiber wing
• Aerodynamic setup for well balanced downforce
• 400 km/h approved
9ff Body-Kit "Aero"
Consists of:
• 9ff Front Bumper
• 9ff Side Skirts
• 9ff Rear Bumper
For a better downforce and a increased of the dynamic stability

9ff 400 Km/h Speedomter
• 9ff Speedometer with 400 km/h scale
• Variable colours and scales available
• Boost gauge display included
• 9ff ABS for 430 km/h
• Brake Pads "Green"
• 9.5 x 19 " with Dunlop Sport Maxx 265/ 35 ZR 19 in the Front
• 12 x 20" with Dunlop Sport Maxx 325/ 30 ZR 20" in the back
• Rear Wheels covered with Aluminum Plate for high Speed turns
The story behind the 9ff GTurbo
The concept of these cars follows the requirements of motor sport.
The requirements and expectations of a tuner are accordingly high. 9ff has accepted this
challenge and put a Bi-Turbo conversion to the engine.
The result is a maximum power from up to 1200HP.
Only the highest-quality materials are used.
For example titanium connecting rods and extra strong forged pistons.
However, only many years of experience and the competence of 9ff in the areas of
development, construction and set-up of high-end engines make this engine power
As a result 9ff offers the following conversions:
9ff GTurbo750: 750HP / 850 NM torque
9ff GTurbo850: 850HP / 910 NM torque
9ff GTurbo1000: 1000HP / 940 NM torque
9ff GTurbo1200: 1200 HP / 1050 N torque

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