Parking assistant, 530d. New BMW 5-series F10 generation

09 Dec 2009 23:4700

F10 New 5-series BMW M5 Forum:

New BMW 5-series F10 generation parking assistant

Parking Assistant:

The new BMW 5 Series Sedan is the only car available as an option with the BMW Parking Assistant, a new system supporting the driver in safely and comfortably manoeuvring into parking spaces running parallel to the road.

The BMW Parking Assistant supports the driver from the start in choosing appropriate parking space. Ultrasound sensors integrated in the side indicator surrounds consistently measure the length and width of possible parking spaces next to the road or on the side lane when travelling at a speed of up to 35 km/h. The system thus looks for parking space exceeding the length of the car by at least 1.20 metres or 47.

Whenever the BMW Parking Assistant is not activated, this measuring process is conducted in the background without emitting any particular signals. But as soon as the driver comes to a stop and shifts to reverse, the iDrive Control Display informs the driver of a suitable parking space by presenting an appropriate symbol.

Once the driver has activated the system, all parking spaces sufficient for the car are presented while driving by. In both cases the driver simply has to press the Controller to use the Parking Assistant for extra convenience.

From this point on, all the driver has to do is operate the gas and brake pedals and supervise the actual driving manoeuvre, while the Parking Assistant moves the steering wheel appropriately in order to back up precisely into the parking space available.

Surround View:

Surround View available for the first time in the new BMW 5 Series Sedan provides an even more comprehensive and complete picture of the car and its immediate surroundings.

In addition to the back-up camera and the PDC (Park Distance Control) sensors, Surround View uses two cameras in the side mirrors, the data obtained in this way on the car and its surroundings being processed by a central computer.

This serves to provide an overall picture presented in the Control Display and showing both the car and its surroundings from a birds eye perspective. This clear overview then enables the driver to manoeuvre precisely even in confined space.

Side View is a sub-system of the Surround View option providing specific assistance for the driver in appropriate situations. Side View uses two cameras integrated in the front wings of the cars and serving to monitor traffic moving crosswise to the vehicle.

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