Paris '08: Ferrari CEO Luca Cordero di Montezemolo Outlines Ferrari future and Ferrari California at Paris Auto Show 2008

06 Oct 2008 20:4500 | Paris Salon 2008 Video Report:

Ferrari CEO at Paris Auto Show 2008

"Finished important investments in the factory"

"Unbeleivable success with Ferrari dealships in Las Vegas and Macau. Two more shops in Milan and Barcelona."

"Ferrari is facing a very important year"

"Russia important market"

"In condition to sell LESS cars in Italy, USA and Germany: our strategic decision. Ferrari has to be like a good looking woman; you have to desire it."

"I am by far the oldest Chairman of the car industry in the world."

On the Ferrari California:

-Create a car complementary to the Ferrari 430 but far different

-if you want extreme sport with two seats in the back

-first Ferrari with hard top

-Double faces; like a Jaeger Le Coultre watches

-two years of production already sold out

-"I love this car"

-"I've driven it torether with Michael Schumacher

-"I was impressed with gearbox, braking and driveability"

On the 599 One to One Program:

-Personalize 100% except body and engine

Q & A session:

"We will never do a four door Ferrari"

On the Lamborghini Estoque launch: "Good luck"

"We will do 2+2 or 2+1".

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