m3e90board.com: BMW M3 V8 E92 testdrive in Sweden

08 Oct 2007 17:4700

m3e90board.com: Gustav does the BMW M3 E92 testdrive. * 250 liters of fuel (five tanks) in 24 hours * More than 250 smiles * One new generation of a BMW M V8 with 105 HP per liter * 4 liter engine developing 400 Nm and 420 HP. Redlines at 8400 rpm. THat means that 3rd gear reaches 180 km/h (112 mph) and 4th gear 240 km/h (150 mph) and 5th (almost revlimited) and 6th (electronically limited) gear (168 mph) tacho speed. On idling max revspeed is 7000 rpm * 15 kg lighter than the former straigh six * Sensivity of the throttle can be set in three stages via M Mode on the i-Drive; Normal, Sport and Sport Plus * The only body panels that are similar on the regular 3-series coupe are the doors, luggage compartement lid, the window and front and rear lights. * EDC optional * M Drive optional * 19 inch wheels optional * MDM optinal in the MDrive package

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